The Coaching in Small Workplaces program has been designed for owners and operators of small businesses and people managing discrete units within larger workplaces. It has been designed to be practical, easy to understand, relevant and motivating.
Ask yourself why…….

You and your staff don’t always work as a team
Your instructions are sometimes misunderstood
Your expectations are not always met
Time seems to get wasted…. repeating tasks and explaining the same job over and over

The aim of the course is to help you improve your on-the-job coaching skills, so that your staff can provide superior customer service, establish strong relationships with your customers and thereby increase the profitability of the business.
The course can be conducted over 2 days – Split over 2 weeks or preferentially over 4 sessions of 3 hours over 4 weeks. Why preferentially… because this gives the participants more time to put into practice the lessons they have learnt and return to the next session looking for more!


This training program is designed for use by anyone primarily in the Service and Retail Industries who would like to develop and enhance or up skill their people management skills in dealing with difficult people and/or situations.

Difficult People ~ Winning Them Over emphasises techniques that can be used to effectively deal with and resolve conflict situations that arise between customers and personnel. Duration ½ Day or Full Day.


This training program has been designed mainly for use by anyone in the Service and Retail Industries who would like to develop & or enhance their customer relations and service skills.

This training program is primarily for personnel who have direct contact with customers at shop floor level and who have no formal training in customer service and communication skills. It is also useful to personnel who have contact with customers indirectly ie office/clerical staff. Duration ½ day or Full day.

Mentoring is a function that many of us perform in some way during our life. But what makes a good mentor and how can you avoid the pitfalls of being the Manager and the mentor in your business?

From its ancient Greek origins to a blueprint for an effective mentor in today’s society, understand the qualities of great mentoring partnerships including Balance, Truth, Trust and Courage. Duration one day.

The reason for losing or leaving a job is often to do with a mismatch between a worker’s interpretation of the social rules and the expectations of employers and co-workers. The rules might not be defined or articulated but breach them and the consequences can be isolating.
The Hidden Rules of Work Game is a platform for discovery and discussion about social competencies required in work settings. Players compare each other’s attitudes about work issues and the social rules of work are put on the table for discussion and debate. Players learn about ‘fitting in’ to workplaces and match their personal preferences to different settings. It’s innovative and exciting.

Duration about 1 1/2 hours.

Cost $25 / person and the session requires a minimum of 16 people. Struggling for numbers? Ring The Front Man on 0408 144884 and there may be other business owners who would love the opportunity to participate with your organisation, on the night.

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